Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pom Poms & Rocky Road

I thought I'd share quickly with you a couple more shots of stuff from our "We're about to have a baby and go into hibernation" party.

Because I was going with red (or deep strawberry) and lemon for the food theme...

I whipped up a few tissue paper pom poms in deep red, lemon, and white and then added some large round lanterns to the mix that I made the Mr. string up for me using fishing line.

I'm not sure why, but the red in the photos came out a whole lot brighter than it really is - and the yellow more, well, yellow. But then, the walls look a weird colour too. Maybe it was the time of day that I took the photos.

Also, as a "Thanks for coming" I wrapped up some large chunks of handmade rocky road - Ours has a bit of a surprising twist to it (I might let you in on the secret some time in the future).

I just used red and white dot (and plain red) muffin cases, clear cellophane, and some red with white dot ribbon. I HAD intended to make up thank you tags to go with them in colours sticking with the theme, but I just plain ran out of time!

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Oh, and if you haven't already heard... 
Seaweed & Raine is turning 2 tomorrow!!! 
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  1. Thank you for your very nice comment on my post (Flower Dress at Howling at the Moon). You asked me about the patterns. A tutorial of the crochet flowers you can find at my blog. The pattern of the dress isn't really a pattern. I just made it up while working on it. The skirt is a full circle and the front upper side of the dress is just as it looks like in the pictures. The back is a straight strip of fabric. The ribbons are tied together at the back of the neck. The flowers I applied before I sewed the upper side on the skirt of the dress.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Liz

  2. I love those large pom poms...funny, but how did you make them...good luck with your new little arrival !

  3. Cutest decorations!! Love the idea of strawberries and lemons for the colors and great idea to use the muffin paper that way.

  4. Oh your tissue poms are so pretty! I tried to make some of those once & they did not turn out at all. Nice job!

  5. You whipped up a few tissue paper pom poms... you did that very well! Festive, aren't they? I love pom poms:)

  6. Happy anniversary! Those pom-poms are awesome and I love them!

  7. The tissue paper pom poms look really good. They are a great idea for a party. Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday!

  8. Wow those pom poms look amazing

  9. I whipped up a few tissue paper pom poms??? You made them? But how? I'm doing a red/yellow themed bridal shower and they would be perfect.


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