Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mixed Spaces

Today the sun was shining in all it's glory. The sky was an amazing colour, and the clouds - for the most part - were wispy and light. Most of the washing got dry (funnily enough, washing doesn't seem like work to me - except for putting it away - that is!), and there were a few moments for playing. Perhaps you could say that I might be in the early stages of nesting. Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom WAS like work (thanks Mum, for phoning then and making the work seem less like work!)... but we won't talk about that now, will we?

I found a website a while ago that has some early reading (and phonics) interactive pages that you can use for free... if you don't mind trying to juggle the difference between American and Australian accents that is (not a problem for us adults - but when you are learning to read and sound out words... it's another story). So I had Jellyfish reading simple sentences to me, with Little C watching on. They both loved it. It's not the first time Jellyfish has had a go at it, but it's the first time his little bro has been in attendance, and they both thrived on it. It was just one of those warm fuzzy moments, watching them both learning and loving it.

Sunlight filtering through a double Jonquil
The afternoon saw Jellyfish making pictures with ink using his fingerprints and a black marker, while I made a huge batch of sausage rolls. Our next door neighbour is due any day now, so I thought I'd get some in the freezer ready to take over for when their little baby arrives. Yes. I will be surrounded by people with babies (remember the one I made the bib and burp cloth for? They live on the other side of us). I also wanted to have some on hand to pop in the freezer for us - that way either hubby or I (or my mum when she is here) can just pop them in the oven and they will be ready in 20 minutes.

Speaking of food, I experimented with a new choko recipe tonight - I'll have to see if I can reproduce it and share it with you. It tasted great in my books - and even Jellyfish said he liked it (I usually do it in strips with bechamel sauce because that's the way the hunk who lives here likes it).

The last thing I wanted to show you, you might want to skip if you don't like bugs and creepy crawly things. This came in on the picnic rug after our lunch on the lawn yesterday. I have NO IDEA what it is. If you do, PLEASE tell me!!! It's body seems to be quite soft (I encouraged it gently into a jar with my knitting needle so I could get it somewhere suitable to have it's photo taken), and it scuttles. I know. I know. I did the whole girly thing and let out a squeal when it escaped the first time. Sheesh. How embarrassing. But I did get this photo that was actually in focus (not bad considering it was dark, I'd been on my feet all afternoon and was in the midst of making dinner!) before the Mr. let it go outside for me - Hey! I had choko to cook still! LOL

So there you have it - my creative space was all jumbled up in a mix of things today, but it was a good mix.
One day to go till the weekend. Does anyone else count down till their hubby's are home all day?

My Jonquils got confused with the cold summer and are now flowering!

Hope your day was filled with sprinklings of splendidness.

S xxx


  1. a beautiful read .... thanks for posting this imagery!

  2. Lovely photos, and I have no idea what that pretty little leggy critter is. That's a nice picture of him, but if he'd been on my picnic blanket, I think I would have run screaming!

  3. Oooh what a lot of legs your creepy-crawly has! No idea what it is, but my boys'll be impressed I'm sure.

  4. i was so enjoying the flower photos and then...the monster came!!! how creepy can a bug be??i cant stand some of them but i dont kill them...i just set them free somewhere far far away from glad you set it free too... :)

  5. Wow - that bug is amazing! No ideas of what it is to offer you here either.
    And I can remember with my 4th pregnancy counting down the hours till my hubby got home each afternoon and being SO relieved it was almost the weekend. I think it's just the general exhaustion of looking after a couple of little ones and the extra little bundle you're carrying inside - and perfectly normal :)

  6. That bug is a 'house centipede' I think. I had one inside but it was a darker colour...

    1. Thanks Larissa! I went hunting and found this site - which seems to cover the bug pretty well I think. :)


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