Monday, May 14, 2012

Things that happen when you comment...

So I'm curious to know...
How many of you out there are the kind of people that quickly scan a blog, close the tab and move on (the kind that bloggers commonly refer to as "lurkers"), and how many of you are the kind of person who just has to leave a little sprinkle of encouragement, suggestions or share a thought when you visit some one's blog?

One of the reasons I ask, is that I mostly tend towards the latter. Some time ago I left a comment on Rockmelon's blog. She was having a "down size" ready to move and was giving away a whole lot of vintage Golden books that she had found doubles of in her collection. I HAD to leave a comment telling her my fave Little Golden book - I really enjoy Little Golden books - especially the vintage variety! I have all mine from when I was little, and the boys seem to enjoy them too, so I have been collecting them at markets and the local thrift stores (Op shops in Aussie speak).

Now, it's been a while since I have won anything in a giveaway, so (partly because she already had my deets) imagine my surprise when a parcel landed on my door step a while ago - only to find it filled with Little Golden books! Not only that, but Miss Rockmelon totally made it worth my while and spoilt the boys rotten - she sent bi-plane kits (which she has available for parties and the like) and a bunch of stickers for them too! When I left my comment - I didn't anticipate that I would win the giveaway, I was just sharing my love of Little Golden books with her. Thanks for the parcel though Miss Rockmelon the boys have already divided the books up (Including some for the baby) and made their planes (which were a life saver when we had days upon days of rain!).

So next time you are visiting some one's blog, briefly ask yourself if there is something you want to say to that person. You may not get anything in return, but you never know how it will affect that person's day - in fact, you might just make it! :)

Have a great day!

S xxx


  1. Once upon a time I was a lurker, but not since I began my own blog. I still get a kick out of reading comments on my blog! Congrats on your fabulous win!!!

  2. Congratulations on your win. You must have been so surprised. I bet your boys loved their goodies too!

  3. Congratulations on your win. It's so true that comments can often make someone's day - I love to read them and they are often so very encouraging! I don't think it matters whether it's a new blog or well established.

  4. Well done, you! That's a lovely story.

    How are you feeling? Not long now - I'm so excited for both of us. We should have a double labour!!!! ;-) Can you imagine - maybe we could have double versions of Kate's dress too!!


  5. You are the golden book queen!!! My kids are still pouring over the ones you sent us in a giveaway a while ago. And I am a comment lover, and aware that I need to do a better job- the bloggin community is a bit of a strategy against loneliness for me at the moment, I love the conversation!

  6. wow, what a lovely surprise in the mail :) and as for your question, I usually try to leave a comment. sometimes you just don't know what to say, but mostly it is nice to receive even a short line, so i try to make sure i comment :)

  7. How could I not comment after that? I feel the same way - it's always nice to get some feedback. I only came across these Little Gold Books when I moved to the States, but now I have kids we have quite a collection, although nothing to rival yours - well done with your win!

    Love the photos on your site. Beautiful.

  8. Such a lovely thing to post about. I always try to leave a comment wherever I go. I know how lovely it is to know that someone has appreciated something I have posted about, so I try to share the love. And speaking of sharing the love - congrats on winning such a great giveaway! I was talking to my lovely husband (who is from o/s) about golden books the other day. And told him the story of one of my childhood favourites (There's a monster at the end of this book). Then we were op-shopping and there it was! I snaffled it up and then read it to him on the way home. Here's hoping our bub will love it as much as I did...

  9. Oh lovely stuff in the post for you! I do wish I could have the time to comment more! I love receiving comments and feeling the blog love and I wish to spread it to the blogs that I visit. I can't always do that but I try :)


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