Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue & White

I decided while out shopping the other day to give myself a little treat (naughty tasty treats are out for me right now, so I felt the need to spoil myself in some other way). I was walking past one of my fave shops, which just happened to have a sale on. After browsing for a few moments, my eyes lighted on this...

It wasn't on sale. But I only had to inhale the aroma, to know that this WAS indeed coming home with me. And so, it did.

Fast forward a few days. On a little thrifting trip with my Mum , I uncovered this in a basket of lace, trims and elastic. I just loved the flushes of colour on this thread, from white to blue and back again. This light blue is so getting me in the mood for summer. Yes, summer is slowly on it's way here Down Under.

This morning, my eyes caught another little pile of blue. I thought it looked kinda pretty. That's from last nights cutting out. I have a little more to cut, and then hopefully this afternoon/tonight I can start sewing! Yippeeeee. It's been too long since I sat at my machine. I just hope I haven't forgotten whatever I learnt at the end of last year!!!


  1. love some blue and white, this months Real Living has pale blue and white teamed with orange and i love it!

  2. Glad you found something as lovely as that candle to treat yourself!!!! Looking forward to seeing what you are up to re the sewing.

  3. It's nice to treat oneself now and then and I imagine the smell will be divine :)

  4. Bue and white just feels so fresh and there's nothing like a candle to make a home warm and cozy. Looks like a fun day.
    xo Jana

  5. Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog! Your email isn't attached to your profile so I couldn't email you back the answer to your question... I used gray Chambray for my Tied with a Bow Skirt... I got it at Hobby Lobby and I think it was only like $5 bucks per yard or something:)

    xoxo, Ashley J @ mommybydaycrafterbynight.blogspot.com


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