Monday, August 29, 2011

Brown and White

I got the most delightful surprise in the mail from Tanya on Friday. She is one of the gorgeous girls that is participating in my Sunshine in the Mail  Swap, and also the fab creator of the graphics that I used for some Christmas treats last year (Yes, I will undoubtedly be using them again!!!).

The Packaging

Note cards and envelopes with a sweet gift tag.

Please note, that Tanya is NOT my swap partner - she is just a lovely person. Yep just one of those treasures that you feel privileged to know. If I'm not mistaken, the print on the gift tag, card and envelopes are from a stamp that she carved herself. She is one creative chick! :) If you've not stopped by her blog before, I suggest that you do - and tell her that I said hi! :)


  1. I do love the white on brown paper and carving her own stamp. You are one lucky girl to get such a pretty package.
    xo jana

  2. Wow - that is just gorgeous!!!!
    You sure are lucky to receive such a special package..

    Jodie :)


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