Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Letting Paint Flow

This week has seen me working with paint and some of my card stock. It's happened in bit and pieces over a few days. A snatch here while the kids are sleeping, a quick swirl after I dropped the veggies in the pot and a bit of cutting and gluing after the kids were in bed one night and the man of the house was otherwise occupied. I'm all done now. But it has fanned a spark that makes me want to pull out the paints a whole lot more - for me. It's been too long since I have done any serious painting.

Anyway, someone I know has a birthday coming up, so here is what she will be getting atop her pressie. A simple note card, but I love it. I may add a little text in black ink in the centre down near the bottom yet. What do you think? Should I leave it as is? Or add some writing?

This afternoon there was a wee bit of stitchery going on. I was playing with this...

It's a little sneak peek. And I will tell you more about it next week - with some more photos.
Well, I am aiming to have an early night tonight. Too many of my nights for the past week or so have been 11:30pm or later. And the kids haven't exactly been sleeping in. So I'll say "Bonne Nuit" and come back for some creative inspiration tomorrow.

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  1. I love the colours you have used in that card..they are blended beautifully :) I think some writing would finish it nicely.

    I've been making a fair few similar crochet flowers for a friend.


  2. You did a terrific job on the watercolors. You are one talented girl

  3. beautiful! love your colours ;)
    painting really is like that, making you want to keep going with it!

  4. Beautiful! Love the watercolors:) What a pretty notecard:)

  5. I love the notecard just as it is :) I'm really zooming in on your fab crochet flower - I wanna make one like that, hehe! Really pretty with the added beads - I'll look forward to the updates :D

  6. Oh i just want to touch those gorgeous colours, such lovely images, love Posie


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