Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas Stitching

I promised you (on Thursday) that I would give you a look (on Friday) at some of the yummy fabric I have bought recently.  I was a bit lazy and got distracted with other things, so the weekend took over, and here we are, and it is Thursday! Sorry.

I have taken a couple of trips to Spotlight now to source some other fabrics. I have been getting most of my stuff (as you know) from the Craft Depot, but I decided it was time to look for other styles. I am going to mix the ones pictured with some vintage ones from my stash. I will give you a glimpse when I have done some more - but not too much, or it will be a giveaway! These are for Christmas, and are my first proper sewing since I was 14 (don't ask how many years ago that was!!!), so the knees are bound to knock a little.

Wish me luck!

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