Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space - Birthday Menu

Well, there have been little bits and pieces happening here this week. The one I am trying to get finished today is the plans and odds and ends for my brother-in-law's birthday breakky which is next week.

I created a menu for his birthday using my Everyday Gourmet breakfasts recipe book (which I couldn't find on line - and it's a 2010 edition!) that a friend gave me a couple of months ago, sourced the food and covered the costs, and enlisted the help of my gorgeous nieces to prepare and serve it for him since they live in Tassie and we can't be there to celebrate it with him. Now I just have to get the official menu into the post tomorrow!


2   Pears   
4  Oranges   
Crystallised ginger   (4 cubes)
12  Portobello Mushrooms  
1   Fennel bulb  
100g  Sun-dried Tomatoes
2   Garlic cloves  
125g  Cheese - strong (Or skip this and add a sharp Parmesan since you are getting that anyway)
50g  Fresh Grated Parmesan
Fresh Basil 3 tsp
Fresh SHAVED Parmesan
25g  Cocoa Powder
80g   Caster sugar
Thickened cream
500g  Frozen berries
1   Lemon (juiced)

(And a BIG thank you to Mr. Kelp for helping me out with the HTML above so you could see the delish food on the shopping list!)

Will show you some scrumptious fabric tomorrow when I have time to get the camera out in some decent light!

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