Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprise Packages

Is it just me? Are there other people in bloggy land that write posts - but because they haven't added pictures yet forget to post them till WAY later??? This is what happened here! I wrote this post almost 2 weeks ago...

Last week (while total chaos was taking over the house) a surprise package arrived at my place. Jenn of Jennysunshineonline sent me a great little package of goodies - just because she's sweet and she could.

In the package were an array of pretty crochet hooks for my new found hobby

Some Kool Aid (which as far as I know, we can't get in Australia) so that I can buy my own yarn and dye it

And some U.S. Animal Flashcards for Jellyfish.

He pounced on the cards as soon as the box was open and wanted to go through them right away. Out of all the animals in the pack - his favourite was the chipmunk. (No real surprises there - we used to watch LOTS of real life chipmunk clips on YouTube!)

I am spoilt! Thanks so much Jenn. Now I just need to go and buy some white woolen yarn to dye. Anyone have any good suggestions for where to source the good stuff?

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  1. Have fun with the kool aid - that was my first introduction to dyeing and it worked great!


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