Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Long Till Love

Is anyone out there excited at the prospect of Valentines day? Even just the teensiest bit? Hmm? No, Just me?

Every year for the past 14 years or so I have had this compelling urge to do something nice for my marvellous man (I even sent him a box full of goodies when I was in NZ one year when we were dating - one gift and note for each day of the week leading up to Valentines Day), and then following on for my family when the kids arrived - even if it is just heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (Although the past two years I have put in much more effort). Just one day that I can try to make them feel a bit spesh.

This year things are going a bit more slowly than previous, but with baby starfish in our lives, well, there's a tremendous amount of love being poured into every day anyway! But to help kick things off and get me motivated for the "month of lovin' " as I sometimes refer to February I thought I'd give away this cute set of 3 pastel, heart shaped cookie cutters. (They are so cute I very nearly kept them for myself - but I'm exercising enormous self control!)

To be in it just leave a comment* telling me how you like to shower others with love. Easy peasy.

Entry is open world wide till 7am AEST February 28.
A winner will be chosen via a small hand in a bowl full of names.

* Make sure you are contactable either via your blog page or leave me you email - lightly coded (eg. iamsohip(at)gmail(dot)com )


  1. I love Valentines Day too! I try to speak my hubby's love language and shower him with words of affirmation and show him respect. Learning how to speak someone's love language makes them really feel loved!

  2. I like to bake yummy food. You know the old "the way to the heart is through the stomach!" Well it seems to work for me!
    But seriously, making special treats for others lets them know they are special and I really enjoy it too.

  3. I would usually bake some pretty cookies and give them as a present in a glass jar with a ribbon on it.
    Every time I see something nice while shopping, I just buy and give it to my loved ones so they know I think about them everywhere.
    Also, I like to sew softies by hand and add a cute note about how much I care.
    I think this is so important to show you care, it can really make one's day!

  4. I'm going to say FOOD! There's nothing I like better than filling the tummies of the people I love with yummy stuff! : )

  5. It was so good to see a note from you. I a bit behind on reading my blogs. Glad to hear you are well and it's fun to see your Valentines Day excitement! I'm excited too. I am planning on making heart themed fabric postcards for a few of the ladies in my life. I bet they will be surprised! Hope Baby Starfish is doing well!! Talk soon!

  6. I like to bake sweet treats for them.

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us! Looking at the cookie cuuters made me think that Food is one way of sharing love with others ;-)

  8. Thanks for a lovely giveaway! My hubby is a big basketball fan so this year I'm taking him to one of the home games. :)

  9. I am a gift giver! I loooove giving gifts :)

  10. These are absolutely beautiful cookie cutters. I like to spoil the ones I love with home baked treats (marshmallows are my specialty) and little handwritten notes in the mail. Happy days to you.
    Melinda x

  11. I always try to give handmade gifts--it always means so much to me when I receive them, and my husband really appreciates my creations! This year I made him several things, including a handmade paper bouquet :-)