Friday, January 18, 2013

Twin Cloches - and the Colour Reveal!

 Have any of you visited Abbie from Five Days Five Ways? If you have, you will know that she had twin girls at the end of September (Hi Evy and Nola!). Being a Mum of 3 now, I know that having a few lovely little garments lined up makes things a whole lot more fun - the hard part is deciding which one to put them in!
With that in mind, I asked Abbie if I could make her sweet little bundles a cloche hat each - and to my joy, she said yes! I had in mind to use the colour scheme from the girls' room that we have been seeing snatches of  on her blog as my colour inspiration. (If you have never visited Abbie, you should definitely check out her awesome creativity. She has a gift - I tell ya!) My only dilemma was what colour combo to go with. And when I did choose this one...

...then I wasn't so sure, so I worked this one...

... and this one...

and this one.

Thanks everyone for your comments and votes to help me decide. The final poll came down to A) and B), so I ended up doing one of each.

And here they are!!!

They are winging their way to Texas - hopefully in time for Christmas! (Edit: Since I obviously had a memory lapse in posting this, I can tell you that they ALMOST made it in time, and Abbie loves them. Wheeeee! I'd do a cartwheel if I still knew how! lol )

Thanks for all your help with the colours - you guys are the best!

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  1. Gorgeous. A cloche is certainly on my agenda when winter comes around again. I have tried doing a cartwheel recently and I was a bit disappointed!

  2. Oh they are beautiful, such a clever clogs! Be careful with the cartwheels. :)sarah

  3. Those little hats are just so pretty xx

  4. Just gorgeous, and now I have spent ages looking at those sweet twin girls, such déjà vu for me!!

  5. These are so adorable!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog
    I can't wait to start looking around yours!

  6. I've always envied crafters who crochet and knit so beautifully! I've tried a few times but it just doesn't seem to be a craft I can master. Of course that makes the guilty pleasure of ogling all your pretty projects even sweeter!

  7. Darling!! I so admire this ability and talent, xo Tanya

  8. Hey! I recognize those! I still can't believe you took the time to do all that for my sweet babes, but I'm so grateful! Way to go, Sheree! : )


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