Friday, August 31, 2012

On My Feet...?

I've been thinking about getting some new shoes for spring/summer lately, and with that is the thought of carrying a small baby around while wearing them. I have heels, but the thought of toppling over and dropping him isn't appealing at all. And then I saw these... 



I love everything about them... except maybe the elephant poop. And the height. They are very in your face. But I just love to look at them! They are so colourful.

Would you wear something this colourful if you were given it? 
Would you buy it for yourself?

Tell me your thoughts - I really would like to know. There is quite a bit of controversy on this one at the site it was published on. I have in my stash some craft paper made from elephant poop... but it does look quite a bit, erm, less 'earthy'!

Hope your day is full of sunshine!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I had to read that post twice. Elephant what??? Where did you find those? I would wear something that colorful. Minus the poop! You have me laughing right now... xoxo jules

  2. I might wear them to a Bob Marley concert? Random, I know.

  3. These are absolutely insane!I love heels but I am one of those ladies that walks to work in trainers (even if I am wearing a dress) and then totters about on them indoors. I am way to accident prone to pull these off but I admire anyone who does! I have a couple of pairs of pretty (very) high heels but I just wear them at home!


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