Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach House Worthy Tea Light Holders

This past week I've been working on a few bits and pieces for a "We're about to have a baby and go into hibernation" party. I had one and a half weeks to put it together  - which for me is kinda short (I'd prefer a month or more). Somewhere in there I squeezed in some fun with the little peeps (hello bottles of bubble solution), doing regular house stuff (including several trips to the neighbours to do the laundry since my machine blew up... and the one that is on order got put on back order), and cooking to put things in the freezer for after the baby comes. But I digress...

While rumaging in the cupboard that has vases and candles in it and I found a few baby food jars that I have been hoarding since I had little C (I've had several ideas that I wanted to try with them, but my concepts and execution never quite met...). Then the "A-HA!" moment hit. I whipped out the little piece of pale hessian (burlap for my US friends) and took a quick trip to Bunnings for some Jute twine.

I just cut a strip the width that I wanted (plus a wee bit extra) and frayed the edge out slightly. I wrapped it around the jar, added a dab of lampshade glue, and tied a piece of jute around it and knotted it. I did try a bow, but I wanted to go for a more nautical/country feel.

Please excuse the crummy evening photography.

So there you have it. A fairly quick method for makeing your tea lights look just a little more special while still being relaxed.

I'll be back later this week with some more party bits and pieces.

S xxx


  1. These are too cute. Thinking of you and hoping the next few weeks go really well.

  2. Those are beautiful - perfect for a summer's evening in the garden. Good luck with the baby. I'll be checking in (am now following your blog!). We're seriously on the fence about baby #3 so I'll be looking to you for the real story, because with a 6yr old and a 3yr old the infant stage is starting to fade in to a distant memory. Perhaps that's why I'm considering another one!

  3. Cuuute! Nothing a little burlap and jute can't fix! I did something similiar a few weeks ago with spray paint and lace. I used a wire hanger to make super easy handle. Check it out!

  4. These are cute - I also did something similar with dyed beans and ribbon. I thought I was going to use them on the tables at my daughters baby shower - but there wasn't room. So, I'll use them on the patio this summer. Would love for you to check it out! BTW - congratulations on the new baby - this one is my daughter's first (so, I'm going to be a new Nana! YaHoo!)
    Hugs -

  5. I love rustic styled stuff, these are great!

  6. Great idea! And they look fantastic.

    And the fabric I used for my lap quilt was Dream On by Urban Chiks for Moda. It is from the beginning of last year (or even earlier) but I have been able to find some on Etsy and little bits of yardage here and there. It is gorgeous and is probably one of my favourite lines.


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