Friday, January 13, 2012

My Creative Space - Knitting and Stitching

You may well have seen that I haven't been around these parts much lately, but all is not entirely still on the creative front. I've been a bit quiet I guess, and (as you know if you read my previous post) there are good reasons for that. Right now I want to share a couple of projects that have been waiting for some attention for a while now.

First up is a little knitted throw that I made for my sister for her birthday (it's living at her home now - so I can show you ).

I used an acrylic blend of yarn that was in a boxed kit... not normally what I would go looking for, but I stumbled across it and thought it was cool (there were also a pair of 12mm knitting needles in the kit, and I didn't have a set of those, so I grabbed it!). I knitted it with one of the 12mm knitting needles, and the other was a 3/4 inch knitting needled that I borrowed from my MIL some time ago.

The second thing is a reversible bag I made for my SIL for her b'day a while back, and I just haven't shared it yet. I used some Emily Bloom Designer collection fabric for the pink side of the bag and some blue paisley vintage cotton that used to be a skirt belonging to my MIL - so it already has family history. ;)

The pattern is the same one I used here.

I have a few other projects in the works that I will (hopefully) share with you in the next week or so.
Hope your day is a marvellous one - I'm off to enjoy some sunshine with the boys while it's around (We've had such a wet Summer lately, that any bit on sun and warmth is welcome!).

S xox 


  1. How lovely that you could give your sister in law a bag with fabric from a skirt belonging to your mother in law. Both sides of the bag look great!

  2. Oh no...I'm not leaving. Family always comes first. I think we all realize that :) Such fun gifts for your family. I adore the fabric you chose. Enjoy your day.
    xo Jana

  3. the throw looks cosy and inviting, lovely colours. great job on both gifts. looking forward to seeing the rest of the projects.

  4. Gorgeous throw and that bag is so cute! Well done.

  5. Love the reversible bag. I am impressed with your skills:)

  6. The bag and the throw are lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my ruffle scarf. My friend does have earholes :-). I will be showing the earrings soon.
    i am your newest follower and would be honored if you would like to follow back. no hard feelings if not :-)
    have a lovely sunday


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