Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Straw Topper Tutorial

Well I guess it isn't really rocket science as to how you would put one together - but I believe I will share it with you anyway! :) (Even though I didn't get a good photo of the finished products - thought I had taken one... perhaps it got deleted). I wanted to make straw toppers to go with the milk bottles that I will show you later this week, so keeping with the farm theme, and using some of the same print of stickers that I used for the invitations I gathered my materials.

To fit the stickers, I cut rectangles of cardboard 7cm x 4.5cm, and then folded it in half. I stuck the  stickers in the centre of each side, trying to make sure that the top of each sticker matched where the top was on the other side.

I cut some of the excess off from around each sticker to make them more shapely.  Here they are before I stuck them onto the straws. I used two different types to glue to assemble it all. Lampshade glue down either side of the inside of the card stock, and non-toxic glue stick to glue it onto the straw surface. (I didn't want to take any chances with the chemicals transferring to the straw!)

Wrap them around the straw so that the edges match, and press together till the glue holds.
Viola! Straw toppers.

For this set I just used regular stiff card stock - but if I were doing it again I think I would try for something that has a coating on it and so will make it a little bit more drink proof.

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