Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making molded crayons.

So on Thursday I showed you a little bit of what I had been up to during the week. Now I'm here to show you the whole lot.

We decided that for Little Clam's birthday this year we would do a farm theme (or rather his bigger brother thought it would be cool, and since he loves making animals noises, I thought "Why not?") so after looking online for farm animal molds we found this duck mold.

I bought some crayons from Kmart (hindsight says I probably should have bought really good quality ones), brought them home and Jellyfish and the hubby helped peel them. We chopped them up and the boys helped add them to the molds.

We first tried putting them in the microwave - but although they got hot and started to soften, they didn't seem to be melting, so we put some foil on a tray and put the mold in the oven. They melted quite quickly, but seeing the finished result, the pigment settled faster than the wax. After talking to a few lovely people in the blog world, I have discovered that they seem to work better when you melt them in a tin in a water bath on the stove and then pour them into the molds. Maybe I'll try again... the boys have lots of crayon stubs around and I have another pack of crayons! ;)

So there you have it, some duck crayons for Little Clam's farm party.


  1. Thanks for stopping by to see my t-shirt scarf! Love the duck crayons! They are adorable and sound perfect for the farm party. So creative!

  2. That mould is awesome - I imagine the crayons will be easy for your little one to hold - good for soaps too I guess? And chocolate....mmmmm ducky chocolate!

  3. That is really neat! I saw your other post and couldn't wait to see the finished crayons. I bet they will be a huge hit at the party! Hope you are having a lovely day!

  4. So fun! I love the color combinations that you put together!
    xo jana

  5. I think those are just the cutest things ever! Ooooh, you've really gotten my creative wheels spinning now... great idea and thanks for sharing the helpful hints regarding melting. Jules


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