Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunshine in My Mailbox

Hi there! I've been a bit quiet of late, haven't I? There has been quite a bit going on though - I assure you. I will post about it all in time. I was just looking through some of the photos that I have taken, and realised that I never showed you what I received from my partner in the Sunshine in the Mail Swap!!! Tsk tsk. The fabulous Haylee from Rainbows In Wonderland sent me a package that made me smile so much! I feel very blessed to have her as a partner.

Here it is in all it's glory.

A cool Polaroid Notes card and a handmade envelope. ( I love her envelope idea - I think I may have to try it at some point). Don't you just love that card? I'm going to have a look online and see if I can find some of them for myself!

Minted note cards and envelopes in a box. These are cool. I have seen them in magazines like Real Living (one of my fave mags at the moment), and I can't wait to use them!

Massachusetts Strawberry Jam that she picked up at a farmer's market in New York City (AKA as her fave place in the world. :) ) The jam reminds her of spring, as her mum always makes strawberry jam around that time.

She made me a Christmas apron out of tea towels! How clever is that? And if you want to think about the clever factor even more... try sewing with one hand. I don't want to wish the spring away (It's one of my favourite seasons!), but I'm really looking forward to wearing this apron this year while I dance around the kitchen listening to crazy music and making fudge or something (TMI?).

Last but not least, she spoilt me with a tiny little jar of Nutella that she found in Italy when she was there a couple of months ago. I think when it is empty, I might fill it with beads or something and sit it on my desk to remind me of Haylee (yep, I'm saving it for a special occasion!).

Thanks Haylee for a wonderful, sunshiny package! It really made my day (yes, there were squeals of excitement!) :)

Hope you are having a sunshiny day too!

S xxx


  1. So fun! Thanks again for putting the swap together.
    xo Jana

  2. Well, well, look who's back :-) What a lovely package filled with all kinds of goodies! I especially love the note cards and the Nutella, actually I love all of it! How fun.

  3. What a lovely parcel that is....I am loving the apron :)


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