Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slighty frugal but fabulous

You can tell a little about the economic climate at the moment by the way people shop when there are sales on. The other day while out shopping with the boys, I noticed people rummaging through sales racks, but even if it was good stuff, they would leave it there unless it was really something that they were after. I'm a little that way myself. There were a lot of things I looked at... but since I had no use for them I just left them there.

While out and about, I did pop into one of my fave stores at the moment that was having a sale... Kikki K, and picked up a couple of things from their new range for a niece who is about to have a birthday, and while I was at it I got some fab ribbon and a new little zippered pouch for myself.

Short term plan is to use it instead of my wallet (which I have had since 1997!!! Go Billabong!),  after that, I plan to keep my little camera in it as it doesn't have a lens cap, and I am always getting the fingerprints of small people on it.

Check out the cute lining. :) Just looking at it makes me smile. It's a little bit tween-ish, but hey, let your inner child play occasionally! lol

Have a great day!
S&R  xo

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  1. Cute. I'm a bit like that with holding onto things - I think its good not to feel you have to keep up with the latest everything! I am having a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out! Suz


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