Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Creative Space - The last of it's kind

My creative space today involves this...

The last of it's kind (it's a discontinued colour) and I am using it on a pattern that I have never worked with before.

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Oh, and if you missed what I did with the Debbie Bliss from two weeks ago - you can find the reveal here. :)

Fill up your creative tank here.


  1. Such a beautiful blue and adorable little boots and hat from your last post too!

  2. Hi - thanks for stopping by my 'tweedie' blog :D I'm still drooling over the baby gumboots in your last post - completely adorable! I'm just starting to learn to crochet, think it will take some time though!
    Alison :)

  3. What a shame that colour is discontinued-its so beautiful! At least they are generously sized balls of yarn, those Bendigo mill ones. Good luck with your project with it! Thank you for popping by my blog, have a lovely weekend...

  4. They ALWAYS discontinue the nice colours - it is such a nice blue that one and not babyish like most of their colours.
    Looking forward to seeing what it becomes.


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