Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Sunshiny Packages

This week I have been working on a few little odds and ends to put in a celebratory package for the lovely Christie. Her fave colours are orange and yellow - so I tried to work with that as much as I could.

Some little gift tags. These were made with vintage wallpaper, card and paper stock from my stash (the little blue background papers were gifted to me by Rockmellon), and re-purposed ribbons - so they are a little bit eco-friendly.

One of my signature cupcake keyrings. I started making these as baby shower favours for my SIL two and a half years ago, and have had a few requests for them over time. I have often wondered if anyone would actually buy them, but I've never tried to find out. What do you think?

A piece of my FAVOURITE vintage fabric in my stash.

And lastly, the wrapping "paper" a scarfette from Just Wonder - a little local boutique. I added the white ribbon (purchased on my last holiday in Queensland), and a little of my new ruler ribbon from Kikki K for an extra touch.

Hope you all have a sunshiny day and wonderful weekend!

S&R xo
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  1. the cupcake keyrings are gorgeous and I am sure they would sell. I love how you have wrapped it all. just beautiful.

  2. A gorgeous package, so thoughtful - I'd be thrilled to receive it :)

  3. beautiful package, and i love the vintage fabric from your stash :)

  4. Love the cupcake keyring!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You're right, stop putting it off and make yourself a buttercup bag!!! The pattern is easy to follow and the result is great. I am so glad that I bought plenty of fabric and will be able to make another 2 if not 3 (YAY!)

  5. I adore your tag...I've never seen them done quite this way. I'm going to need to borrow that idea. Thanks.
    xo Jana

  6. The cupcake keyring is really cute! I am sure it would sell if you would give it a try! :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!

  7. Oooh, lovely and I could list about five people in a second who would love these keyrings!!

  8. Your tags are lovely and the little cupcake is so cute.

  9. (I am still catching up on reading posts)... and am jumping up and down as I read this. Feeling so so spoiled over here my dear! I am so lucky to call you friend! Sammy and Katie send kisses!

  10. Your cupcake key ring is really cute!

  11. That's such a beautiful way to wrap a gift, very inspiring.

  12. What fun! Terrific idea on the tags and that vintage fabric is lovely!


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