Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend of Treats Part 2

Sunday we went to the Old Bus Depot Markets - and there were such interesting things there (there was one particular stall of the most gorgeous jewellery, but I didn't think I should splurge on myself since it wasn't MY birthday).

Some amazing dresses made from crocheted vintage doilies - I so badly wanted to get one - but wasn't sure it was "my size", so I just took this pic so I could remember it fondly.

One guy had the cutest stand of kids canvasses... I wanted to have a longer look (and maybe get one) but the kids started fussing. One day.

In the pre-loved vintage section of the markets, I found this old photo. It just spoke to me, so I had to buy it. I'm not totally sure how I am going to display it (any suggestions?), but something will come up that I think will be perfect I'm sure :)

The back of the photo.

We had Ethiopian food from one of the stalls for lunch, and then headed to the glass works, where we watched a demonstration of glass blowing and other related things. This was worth a look - and I'd love to see the process when they are working on something big.

After that it was off to Koko Black for a treat of decadence like you wouldn't believe. Seriously. If you get the Ice Chocolate... you WON'T need anything else. I also shared the spring 2010 version of the Belgian spoil (I should have skipped the beverage!) - Ooohhhhhhh!!! The Blood Orange gelati was divine! I highly recommend it :)

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