Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space - Decorations and Celebrations

My Creative Space today is filled with...
Tissue Paper pompoms in orange, yellow and pink.
(found here)
This is just a hand full of them!

Black Forrest Cake.
(found here)
 (What's left after lunch!)

Roast Pumpkin Dip.

Mini Quiche.
(Just one platter of them - there were too many for this)

Some treats for me!
 (The one on the left is from Harrods, and the one on the right...someone who knows my thing for ginger!)

And lots of Love.


Because it's my birthday :)

For more Creativity, head over to Kirsty's!


  1. bless! happy birthday then (and that black forest cake looks amazing!)

  2. yum is what i say to your creative week!
    i think black forest cake for mains and pumpkin dip for afters?


  3. Ooh, late Happy Birthday! The party food looks absolutely yum!!!

  4. Oh Happy, Happy Birthday to you - I hope you have a great day and with all that yummy food I am sure you will!
    PS - I hope you got some of the things on your wish list too!


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