Monday, October 25, 2010

Love and Kisses Crochet Hat

It's finished! The aida fabric styled hat crocheted for my niece. It's for her birthday which is some time away yet (Just hope she doesn't grow too big a head in the mean time!). To be honest I finished the crocheting part AGES ago, but since it needed to be put together and embroidered, it has been sitting on the UFO list (as Karen likes to call it). I finished the embroidery last night - and it wasn't until I'd done the last little kiss that I realised that I had done it on the wrong face of the beanie! Aagghh! So it is going to sit on the sidelines for a while longer till I decide if I am going to undo all the little crosses and start again.

The pattern is found here. If you are thinking of making one to gift and don't have the exact measurement of the kid, check out this size chart for some helpful tips.

Happy Monday!

S xxx


  1. Well done to you - cross that off your list!
    You've inspired me to get onto things on mine - I actually ironed the O+S ice cream dress and now must finish it!
    Very sweet hat - I love the embroidery just as it is.

  2. What a beautiful and super sweet hat. You've done a gorgeous job!


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