Monday, June 14, 2010

The postman gave me cake

Secret recipe for mini sultana cakes

Look what the postie brought me this week!
Cake mix and note that the postman delivered

A recipe of ease and, oh so much deliciousness!
We visited some fabulous people a little while ago, and the little cakes she served were wonderful. Jellyfish ate two, and would have eaten more had Mama Seaweed and Daddy Kelp let him! When I later asked our hostess for the recipe, she said "...I will send you a copy of my special recipe in the mail."
Oh beautiful lady, you are a treasure! Thank you so much. We love you (and your sense of humour!).

Cooking Mini Sultana Cupcakes.

So here is how it turned out...
The cooking process in progress.

The finished product. Mr. Kelp said that he liked "B's" cupcakes better. Hmmm. I wonder if she has a secret additive? :)

P.S  I thought I'd send you some little note cards made from my Imperial vintage wallpaper stash.  
Background fabric "Church Flowers" in the Nicey Jane range.
Handmade imperial vintage note cards

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