Monday, June 14, 2010

Beanies and vintage finds

Well after all the rain we have had, what a relief it was to finally get out of the house!

Sunday saw us at the markets - the computer markets at North Rocks for Mr. Kelp (although Jellyfish said he wanted to have a look too, so after Mr. Kelp finished his purchases Jellyfish had a whirlwind tour of the venue), and then it was on to the North Rocks Rotary Markets, where we found this:

Play Street Golden Book on vintage pillowcase

A vintage read: vintage book in bed with vintage cotton pillowcase from Nana Kelp.

A 1973 little golden book. I am so thrilled with it! It's a great story, and the illustrations are unreal. So far Jellyfish has demanded that we read it EVERY day - at least once a day - quite often more.

The wet weather was obviously good for something though. I finally finished Little Clam's beanie! I used this pattern, which I adapted to suit the yarn I was using - Cleckheaton Cocoon 4ply in colour 0005 (It's not on the site at the moment).(I will get a photo of this one too - promise!)
Little Clam took his new beanie for it's inaugural spin around the flea market, and was, well, happy as a clam! All that wet weather paid off and I got something from the list finished! Happy sigh.

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