Friday, July 6, 2012

A Quick Healthy Snack

OK, so generally when I'm looking for a quick healthy snack for the boys or myself I grab a piece of fruit or a hand full of nuts ( the little peeps have a thing for cashews at the moment), but the other day I stumbled upon  a recipe for no bake energy balls, so I thought this afternoon that I would give them a try.

I suspect that there might be some difference in measurement between US measuring implements and Aussie ones, because mine turned out a whole lot lighter, and seemed to be not quite right. Of course, it could just be the cook in my kitchen! ;) I HAVE been inspired to try again though with different ingredients. One of these days...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - mine is shaping up to have paracetamol, tissues and the 3 little peeps tucked up in their beds. I guess I should get to bed before another volley of taking temps, doling out medicine and wiping noses starts again. Looking forward to catching up with what everyone else has been up to soon!!!

S xxx


  1. I am seeing lots of these in NYC cafe's. They look pretty good to me!

    1. They do look pretty good! When I try then again I will use more dates and walnuts and just have a few almonds. I think I'll also try honey and oil instead of water in the hope that they will keep longer. It would be interesting to see what ingredients the cafe's in NYC use in theirs!


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