Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Birthday Giveaway Winners}


The winner of the Fiammone Yarn giveaway is:

rowantreedesign who said:

"Happy Two! So beautifully written. I love having all my gal pal blog friends. How exciting would it be to have a gathering, so much fun! Id love to win the yarn, i am alreday folloing you! X. Happy weekend."

And the winner of the Clinique pack is:
Nila who said:
"and i'm tweeted https://twitter.com/LMarthadinata/status/211446169996509184"

Ladies, I have sent you an email.
Thank you to everyone who participated!
And happy Tuesday to you all.

S xxx


  1. Checking in to see how you are doing with baby on the way... and so curious what sea inspired nickname you've come up with. I may have missed a post on this; so please forgive me if I did! Blessings to you on a safe birthing process! Such a miracle! xoxo jules

  2. You've gone quiet - I am guessing you have a new bundle of loveliness to keep you busy.
    Looking forward to some news and hope all is well.

  3. Oh baby watch!! Happy blog birthday too, love Posie


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