Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple, easy Valentines head bands.

I found a link for some cute crochet hearts earlier this week. They are really very cute, and I wanted desperately to make some (see that is what happens when you have boys... you crave the odd girly thing), so I figured I could make some cute embellishments to go on headbands. Then while shopping in Woolworths, I found what I thought would be the perfect head bands to attach them to - one white and one red. Cheering!

I whipped up the hearts using 4 ply yarn (doubled for the larger heart on the head band and with a 4.5mm /G hook) and simply attached them by stitching them through the top layer of the head band while keeping to the back stitches of the hearts. I could have used hot glue I guess - but I'm not particularly confident with the stuff (that's hubby's forte).

Since the pattern also has a larger sized heart, I wanted to give it a go too, so when I was wrapping my SIL's B'day pressie last night, I thought "Ahh, I know! I'll add a heart!" I would have used a peacock feather if I'd had one - but hey, we're keeping with the Valentines theme here! :) Here's how it turned out...

Yes I have joined the hessian (burlap to my US friends) lovers group! Actually, I already loved it, I just needed some to play with! I also added a few seed beads onto wire and made a small heart shape for added dimension.
Happy Birthday BJ - you are amazing!!! 

Have a beautiful day!

S xxx

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  1. Adorable!!! Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment on my bitty flowers :) Laurel

  2. Those headbands are so sweet!

  3. Lovely little hearts! I'm with you on the stitching things on rather than glueing!! My glue always seems to give up and things fall off! I think that's partly living in the tropics though! Of course nothing to do with my glueing skills!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. You had a great idea! The are so lovely!

  5. love the head bands. Maybe you will be creating for a girl soon??????

  6. Those little crochet hearts are so cute. I was thinking even my lack luster crochet skills could give them a go, but I better get cracking - Valentine's Day is almost here:) Cyndy

  7. Cute crochet hearts and a lovely addition to a plain headband. Must add this to my to do list! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, and pointing out yours. It's lovely, and I will become a follower. I love your ideas for the little hearts, especially the gift. I used my little heart too as a decoration for the gift bag of a baby boy. It is with the same yarn that I used for the baby sweater.
    It is great to share ideas, isn't it?


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