Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Sprinkles of Love...

I had plans for Valentines day... lots of plans. But. Not. Much. Happened. I guess that is the way it is sometimes. When you have small children and you don't plan it all out in advance as much as you should have. I was also going to do a Valentines Day related post each day leading up to it... um, maybe next year? Never mind. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day anyway - even if I didn't end up decorating this year.

Here is a little sample of what we did.

The boys and I made Choc Vanilla cupcakes. My two boys love baking. They had such fun sprinkling the hearts on top. The colour intensity of the hearts actually increased the longer they were sitting on the cupcakes (presumably from absorbing moisture out of the frosting).

My gorgeous boys also picked their Mummy some pretty red flowers (with a little help from Daddy and the secceteurs) to make our table look brighter for dinner. They each came in toting flowers. Such sweetness! :) Makes me want to scoop them up in my arms and just snuggle. (I did have some scrumptious hugs with them, but the snuggling had to wait - I was cooking pancakes after all!)

We had pancakes with home made berry compote, whipped cream, and Maple Syrup. Mmmm! There's nothing quite like it! I don't know about you, but I'd eat pancakes every couple of weeks if they were better for me! ;) I included a little note for my man... I think it's important to affirm them regularly. I wish I did it more. And since my hubby's love language is words of affirmation - I should have more incentive. How often do you tell the man in your life what he means to you? That you appreciate the fact that he gets up to go to work EVERY work day - even if there are some days that he'd rather stay home and play. That you love watching him interact with your children. That when he is patient with you (even when you are being silly about something) it softens your heart. And especially when they share their feelings, thoughts and dreams.

The there's the little man in the house who asked me to make him some of these when he saw the ones I had done for his little cousins. These are the same size as the ones I used on the gift for my SIL for her b'day.

A little more fun we had in the kitchen. We actually baked them the day before Valentine's Day, but didn't decorate them till the next day. It's not the way I wanted to decorate them - but the icing wouldn't co-operate, so we just added pretty sprinkles to some of them.

There it is. That's it. Little sprinkles of love. Takes a little planning, but not a whole lot to actually do it - and it's so much fun!!! I think we might be having more days around here that are sprinkled with love. How about you?

S xxx

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  1. Gosh you guys did so much. I sat on the sofa, 'cos I'm sick and my man bought me a copy of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" instead of flowers because the written word lasts longer. nawww. Now I feel stink I didn't do any special baking - might just have to have an un-Valentine's day next week then (with sprinkles of love as you say).

  2. Ooh! All your valentines day treats look so fab! I especially like the chocolate vaniall cupcakes with their lovely sprinkles!

  3. Really enjoyed reading your post! Very 'loved up', hehe :) Sprinkles and flowers - you couldn't ask for more :D

  4. Aww I think celebrated in a lovely way, it sounds like a great way to spend the day!

  5. Hello Christie,
    Thank you for visit my blog and leave a comment.
    I think you have the most wonderful Valentine's Day! Same as mine. There is nothing better then stay at home with the people we love... that's all that matters...
    Have a nice week!
    Your new follower, Carmen (from Italy)

  6. Sounds like you had the perfect day.


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