Monday, July 11, 2011

A visit from Oh So Happy Together

Hi everyone! I'm back, and it seems the nasty bugs have finally left our house. 

I am SO EXCITED - today I have a little treat for you... 
The gorgeous and super lovely Jessica from Oh So Happy Together is popping in to share some of her creative world with you. I found this Yummy Mummy's blog last year, and I just get such a buzz from seeing her creations. She has such a happy positive spin on life that I anticipate each new post from her, and find myself leaving her site with a satisfied smile on my face... I'll stop chatting and let you find out for yourselves! Enjoy! :)

1. How do you juggle your creative time with being a Mummy?

It isn't always easy and it really wasn't when my daughter was younger. But, when you have a passion you figure out how to make your schedule work and all. Most of the time I try to get my "chores" done while my daughter is awake and then use the time when she's napping/sleeping to create. I don't like to stay up late though, so I never do the whole stay up until 2 in the morning thing like some people do. I can't do that. I would be so cranky the next day! lol

2. What has been your favourite creation in the past twelve months? (Besides or including the baby! LOL...)

:) Hmmmmm...... Let's see if I can narrow it down to one. I think one that really sticks out to me is this shirt.

The Bump Grows....
It was one of the first times I really stuck to a pattern and worked extremely hard to make it is professional as possible. Plus, it turned out perfect!

3. What is the next thing on your "To Do" list before the baby arrives?

I feel pretty good so far, but I still have a few things to hopefully accomplish. The very next thing would be a bee to go in her crib.

The Scrappy Bee Pattern
{Happy Together Patterns can be found here}

My daughter has 4, so I figure she needs at least one :)

4. You did an amazing makeover on your daughter's room this year - how did you decide where to start, and what was your favourite item in the make over?

Well thank you very much. I first started with what kind of look I wanted to go for. I wanted it to be more of a big girl room, whimsical and colorful. Then I would run across a few things and know they were to go in it (the paper dolls from Anthropologie, the lamp from Urban Outfitters, and the comforter from Target). Then I tried to tie everything else in with those three items.

Big Girl Room Makeover
I think my favorite thing I did for her room was the dresser. It was simple but made a great effect.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

So many places! I'm always looking around on the internet on sites like Flickr, clothing sites (Anthropologie, Modcloth,etc), pinterest, etc. I try to keep my eyes open for inspiration in random places too. You never know. I carry around a notebook in my purse so if I see something I can write/sketch it down before I forgot and I will take a pic on my phone is possible.

6. You use gorgeous colours in the things that you make - what colour seems to take the lead around your house and is it your favourite colour?

Our home colors are mostly neutral type colors, which is mostly to keep the hubby happy :)

The Lovely Fireplace for fall
He lives there too, so in the main living areas, we compromise. But when it comes to the kids rooms and my office, there is a lot more fun and vibrant things going on. My absolute fave color is yellow. It just makes me so happy.

7. How did you learn to draft patterns?

The first patterns I made for myself were for softies.

Runaways: The Dish and The Spoon Pattern
{free pattern can be found here}

I had really started out wanting to stay in that arena, but then I got into making clothes for my daughter. After drafting patterns for her size I realized that it wouldn't be that much harder to do some sizes that were bigger and smaller. It took some time to get the sizing right with pattern testers, but once I got the basics down it got easier.

8. What materials do you prefer to use when creating? (eg. yarn, fabric, other)

I'll be honest, I usually go in spurts with these things. I'll go on a sewing binge you could say,

She had to jump in the pic ;)
but then just want to crochet.

Crocheted Hair Bows
{tutorial here}
I also have times where I don't want to craft, just play around with photography.

9. What skills have been the most challenging to learn? (eg. crochet, sewing, paint related craft)

I think that sewing was. I have thrown away many a project. Most of the time it's the silliest mistakes but the good thing about making mistakes is you learn from then and usually don't do them again.

10. What tips do you have for novice bloggers to make it a happy, enjoyable and successful experience?

Don't put too much on yourself. Keep your priorities. Every time I feel like my blog is consuming too much of my time, energy, and mind I will purposefully cut back until I feel it doesn't have a hold on me. The same goes with other things like facebook, the phone, etc. I hate feeling like something like that owns me. Also, do what you love. Don't worry about trying to get followers and all. If you do your best and share what you love, throw pics on flickr

Thanks girl! I loved having you visit my space and share some of your creative genius.  
Hope you all had a great time exploring - and if when you go have a look at any of Jess's great ideas, tell her I said hi! :)


  1. What a lovely quilt!
    xo jana

  2. thanks for the interview! it's always nice to read about other creative people out in the blogland :)

    thanks for your lovely comment as well :)

  3. This is such a lovely interview AND resource. I haven't come across her yet in the blogsphere- thank you!


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