Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cable Bangle and a Quick Way to Hang Pictures

The other day Jellyfish got out his crayons and started adding colour to a page out of my art book. When he was done he brought it to me and told me that he had created it for me. Being the kind of mum who loves it when her kids make her gifts I wanted to hang it up right away - but without damaging the paper too much (blu-tack like substances can make oily circles on the paper if you leave it on there too long).
Here is what I thought would work as a quick fix.

Mini pegs! I just put a little blob of blu-tack behind the peg, attached the peg to the paper, and stuck the blu-tack on the wall! :) EASY!!! I am so happy having his picture hanging beside my bed, it's one of the first things I see when I wake up and it just makes me smile. :)

Another thing that I found was kind of a fluke... Mr. Kelp had some left over cable tidy kicking around the other day, and wanted to put it in his pocket, so he started winding it around itself. It goes exactly around itself twice. When I clapped eyes on it, it was sitting on the bench in the kitchen, and I thought it was cool in a quirky kind of way, so I just popped it on my wrist and it fit perfectly! How neat is that?

And lastly, I just had to show you one more picture of the booties I made before I ship them off to their owners. Sorry. I know. I just can't help myself! lol

Hope your weekend was a lovely sunny one - it was here, and we took the boys for an amazing walk through the bush. I might even get around to uploading some pictures for you later in the week.
Ciao for now!

S xox


  1. Those tiny boots are so cute that I would want to hug them:) I can see you are creative, nice bracelet.

  2. aaaaaahhhhhh!! The Bootiessssssss!! Im so excited!!

    can't wait to get your deets so i can fix you up and get my lady wearing them!!

    xo em

  3. So many cute things, especially the boots, oh my, they are fantastic!! Love Posie

  4. that's a great way to hang the drawing and your new bangle is awesome!! :)

  5. love the booties, just bought a hook this week, so after i finish my socks.... too many crafts, so little time! I am so going to use some pegs like that! Great idea.

  6. Those boots are so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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