Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010 Run Down.

I totally meant to post this before I went away - but I was so busy trying to get everything finished that I didn't get back to it!

So here is a quick run down of the things that I made to give as Christmas gifts (it's safe now...)

Boxy Zippered pouch.

Knitted Washer.
I altered the pattern a bit to make it bigger. Pattern found here.

BIG bag of hand dipped chocolate coated ginger (To go with the washer)

The bag is reversible... my SIL liked the pink side best.
Beginners-bias-tape bag. 
Made with Emily Bloom designer range (the pink), and some fabric from Spotlight. Pattern found here.

Sweet Stationary Set.
I used Kikki K. stamps, some handmade paper that I had made earlier, and envelopes from here. (I can't find the finished photo - sorry!)

A crochet sock for an Iphone
This has a cross stitch heart on it, just for a little interest.
(I will post the tutorial for that in a few days - still needs a little tweaking)

And the one that I was the most impressed with - the Diana Hobo Bag.
 Alas - I didn't take any photos of the finished product!!! I can't believe it! I did find one dodgy pic on the camera per favour of someone snapping away with it, so I am sharing it with you anyway. My sister will be passing through (hopefully) in a couple of weeks - so I will try to get a better one then.

And the lovely Tania from Teek sent me the jpg for some cute little tags that she made. 

So several jars of Rudolph noses, Reindeer poo, and Reindeer Food (Mr. Kelp altered the jpg when he was printing to include one of our friends that doesn't like chocolate. I made Vanilla fudge instead.) later... you just have to sample a few, you know?

Vanilla Fudge for the neighbours.


  1. Great thoughtful gifts indeed!! I am really loving those birds (seriously have a bird on the brain thing going on here) and the bags! And I suffered from the same absent mindedness and forgot to take final pics of lots of things. Thanks for sharing!! (I'm still giggling at reindeer poo!)

  2. Very pretty! I hope you didn't cry too much or sweat too much blood getting them done. May I suggest getting a head start on next years now??

  3. Lovely gifts - I love the blue fabric on that bag - it looks like Marimekko to me!


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