Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas, er... saussage?

This is what happens when you let the man of the house loose in the kitchen.
And odd mix of sausage casing, and Christmas pudding mix.

He got the idea of everyone having their own little puddings for Christmas instead of having a big one to chop up. I think they are totally cute. We did a trial run the other day, and lets just say that they were completely delicious. No actual recipe, he just got an ingredients list, and figured out the proportions that he wanted in it. (So glad that HE can do math... I am hopeless at math with cooking!)

This is the test one hanging up to cool. The pictures are a bit dodgy. Bad lighting inside as it was just on evening (and Mr. Kelp wanted to serve it up and eat it, so while I was toying with getting the little tripod, he took a snap of this and started cutting into it...).

Packaged and waiting...
I can't wait to try out the final result, after they have matured for a few weeks :)

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  1. These look amazing and I bet they will be delish at Christmas!


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