Thursday, August 7, 2014

Watercolour Paint

Just before the last school holidays, I put in an order for some very cool things from an online store that is based just a suburb over from where I live. In that order was some pretty new watercolour paints. I was itching to break them out and have a play, so while doing a little design work for the latest of birthday parties to come our way, I found the perfect way to utilise them.

Just two little bee  pencil sketches that I filled in with my new Seedling watercolours, and then traced the outline of with a black felt tip pen. I love them.

Happy, friendly little fellas, they are.

My humble apologies for the dodgy photographs - it was quite dark when I took the photos.

Have you played with watercolours lately? It really was fun. I'm so sold on it that I'm going to have to break out other paint forms soon I believe!

Don't fly away now, I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I used them for! :)

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