Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crochet Bees + Pattern Coming Soon!

Well it's been a little while since I've posted anything substantial around these parts. Things have been rather quiet on the blog front in fact... even if at home things have been anywhere from the usual busy slog of household things, having my mum here on several occasions for medical reasons, and the school slog.

BUT. In all of that my hook has been playing, I've been drawing a little, painting a little, cooking tasty treats, and attempting to source interesting things with a certain theme in mind.

Remember these little balls of yellow sunshine that I posted about back in May?

Well here is what they turned into!

After lots of looking around for a pattern that I liked, I decided to stop wasting time and just make one myself. I'm looking forward to making it available, but it hasn't had any pattern testing yet, so if you are interested in testing it out, please send me an email. I'd hate to get you making something that has bugs! (Bees are fine! ;) Oh boy. The humour is a bit wonky at this hour.)

These little fellas have given me endless smiles. I made the wings from ovals of lining fabric scraps left over from my wedding dress... ehem... some 12 1/2 years ago. Yes. I hoard things.

What kinds of things do you hoard? Tell me I'm not the only hoarder out there! (Please? Pretty please?)

Hope your day is full of buzz-i-ness. :)

Check out my link party page to see some of the great places I'm sharing this project. :)


  1. They are so lovely! What are you going to use them for? Or are they a "just because" project!

    1. I'll share very soon what they are for. :) I can't wait!

  2. How sweet are these? I really need to learn how to crochet! :)

  3. wow things have really been buzzing around your house lately huh! They are so cute! :)


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