Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cleaning out the Fridge

I can't believe we have been home almost a month, and I'm only now just getting back into my blog space! The Jelly fish is back at school for his second year, Swimming lessons are just kicking off again, and there has been a parade of visitors through our front door ever since we got home. But what I really wanted to share with you today was this little bit of tastiness...

The Roast Pumpkin and Beetroot Wrap.

It's what you do when you arrive home late in the day from holidays and couldn't be bothered dragging yourself to the shops for groceries and everyone is hungry AND the fridge is basically empty. It's just a layer of mashed white beans (tinned) with some herbs/garlic salt mixed in, some thin sliced "fingers" of cheese, grated beetroot, some thinly sliced fingers of pumpkin that are fried in olive oil till just soft, and some shredded sweet potato leaves (because you don't have any lettuce in the fridge, but you DO have sweet potatoes growing out the back!) all wrapped up in a multi grain tortilla. YUM.

If you give it a go I'd love to hear what you think.

Bon appetit!

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