Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stawberry Shortcake Love

For years now I have wanted to make strawberry short cake - but I've never plucked up the courage to do it - and now that I know how easy it is - I wonder why I took so long!!!

My fabulous Hubs brought home not one, but TWO trays of strawberries not long ago. It worked out at 40 cents a punnet - how could I go wrong with experimenting a little! :) Here is the result.

Not bad - even if I do say so myself. The top did crack a little while I was trying to flip it back onto the base, but who cares! Seriously. The recipe called for double cream (I only had dollop cream on hand), but I have to say, the cake was rich enough that regular whipped cream (with icing sugar and vanilla of course) would have been much better in my opinion.

This one has joined the "Make again" list (likely it will only be a once a year thing though - it's pretty indulgent.

Got strawberries? Give it a go!

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  1. the strawberry shortcake looks so delicious! mmm!

  2. Wow looks so yummylicious. Lucky you to get lots of strawberries. I need some. Got to try this recipe. Hope you update soon./

  3. I love strawberry shortcake! Growing up in my part of Canada, it was a seasonal staple, and we always made it with sweet biscuits as the base, then sugared, somewhat mashed strawberries, and lots and LOTS of sweetened whipped cream with vanilla added to it. Absolute heaven :-) Definitely make it again--it is a lot easier in individual portions, and there is no problem with cracking.


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