Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a gorgeous morning! After a 35 degree (95 F) Friday and a 36 degree (96.8 F)day Saturday, today's 24 degrees (75.2 F)is SO AGREEABLE. Summer surely kicked in with a bang here. I've been out planting in the garden - it's bliss to have it cool enough to enjoy it. I should try to get some photos of what is currently growing. A lot of it is stuff that I have been growing with the boys. They love helping out in the veggie patch.

 I also wanted to let you know about a series starting over at Grits & Giggles that starts tomorrow...

There will be lots of fab tutorials, patterns and ideas by a great line up of girls. I might happen to be one of those participating  - not saying I'm great mind you! Head over there on Monday so you don't miss out.

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