Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rainy Day Entertainment

Well it's been raining heavily here for the past couple of days, so keeping the rather energetic little peeps busy takes a little more thought than at other times when you can just wander outside and play (in the sandpit, on the swings, bikes, climbing frame, and other outdoor toys). Iview and Collin Buchanan played a part - but lets face it, kids go stir crazy if they have media all day! Thankfully a good friend sent me a package the other day (more on that later) that contained two kits to make bi-planes, so here is where the journey started.

Also, we dug out the train set that Jellyfish got from Nana & Pa a couple of years ago (minus the carriage - I think it got put in another toy tub), and the Duplo, and they started creating. Here is what they came up with.

They each built their own section of track, and then I had the lucky task of piecing it all together. From there (with a couple of suggestions) they embellished it till they liked how it looked. If you are wondering what that mustard coloured things is in the back ground. That's our floor snake. Think in terms of a really long beanbag, and you have some idea what it looks like.

The train and people got such a work out that the battery in the train is now well and truly flat! That doesn't stop them making the people and animals interact though, and Bertie the bus has also been doing several runs since the train is out of commission! ;)

This morning there are sprinklings of sunshine amongst the cloud, so we took our chances and took a walk down through the bush to the creek, which after 114mm of rain, is looking pretty full. Jellyfish got water in his gumboots, and Little C came back spattered with mud, but they had a delightful time. I didnt' have the camera with me - sorry, you will have to use your imaginations (Roc, you know what I'm talking about).
So there you have it. My creative space has involved finding things for the boys to do rather than my own creative pursuits - but that's OK with me. :) Besides, hubby and the foot on my sewing machine had a little altercation last night (yes, he does to the very odd spot of sewing), so right now I'm not sure it's exactly usable.

Hope you have been having a creative week - or at least spending your time doing something fun with those you love.

S xxx


  1. Love those wee planes and those rough days where the toys come in to their own.

  2. What a lot of fun. I'll bet they are looking forward to the next rainy day now! x

  3. those planes are so cute, they look like they're made out of pegs, are they?!

  4. My boys love their train set and Duplo too. They would love those planes as well - what a great friend, sending those. I hope the rain stops so they can play outside though.

  5. Many memories of tramping down to that creek... most vivid is B being stung on the forehead by a bee when he peered into a hollow log that was buzzing, funny to think about now but at the time he was pretty sore! hee hee


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