Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful Giveaways

There are some very talented people out there, and the more I delve into the land of blogs, the more interesting ideas and people I come across. I wish I had time enough to try out all the great things I have been seeing. As for me, I have been knitting furiously (something for my Mum) and trying to get housework done with a extra-curious Jellyfish "researching" anything and everything, a teething Little Clam (who is not his usual happy self), and now a sick Mr. Kelp. Ahh well.

Here are some great giveaways this week...

Christina at A Little Bird Told Me has an amazingly beautiful necklace from her designs to give away. I love the freedom depicted in the cloud.

Dash Robin has an eclectic mix of things that she has created (Brooches, an oven mitt, and a bag) plus a book and a couple of bits and pieces. Check out her groovy photos at the beginning of the post. :)

And while I have your attention, check out Anna's beautiful hankies... I love the "lovely" one!

And now, I need to go and find some more yarn!

Have a great weekend!

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