Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Retro Depot

I'm blowing the dust and cobwebs off my keyboard, and breaking through the ice that seems to have formed on my blog! Poor, neglected space. I do love this little patch of mine, but actually MAKING the time to write anything worth hitting the "publish" button on is another matter, sometimes.

I have something to share though, that quite literally makes me bubble with excitement at the thought of it...
RETRO. Ahh yes. The sweet of enticement of something that came from a time when things were simpler. When people had a back yard to put a dog in. when children played under sprinklers with joyful abandon. When men up and down the street could be seen out mowing their lawns on a weekend morning, smiling and waving to one another. A time when you had to pick up your phone and actually dial in each number to talk to a friend - or even better - when you sat out on your front verandah and sipped cool drinks with your friends/neighbours. Rather like in one of my fave songs, Mayberry (Country music isn't usually my thing - but this one just strikes a chord with me).

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This coming weekend, The Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra are hosting Retro Depot. I don't want to sound like a cracked record, but it's time to get your groove back, if you forgot where you left it! ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Here's the Buzz: Busy Bee & Friends Invite

You may have noticed that the past few posts have had a general theme running through them. Bees. My little boy has had a thing for bees ever since clapping eyes on The Hive - particularly Buzzbee. So it was only natch that I themed his second birthday around bees. Yes. Sigh. My baby is a baby no longer (Not sure how long it will really take to get that concept gelled in my head).

I designed the invites, and then when his cousin also had a bee themed party, decided that I had better change the design at short notice, since quite a few of the design elements were the same. (I don't know what is going on with my camera, but every now and then it makes the corner of the photographs shadowed.)

And this is what I did with my happy little friends from yesterday's post. I don't have a scanner of my own (sad, I know), so my hubby was wonderful enough to go and do it for me. :)

The envelopes were simple: I just grabbed white envelopes (note to self - find envelopes to fit BEFORE you make the invites - I had trouble finding ones the right size, and ended up having to use regular business envelopes), and then embellished them with some honeycomb paper that hubby designed for me. It pays to have an IT guru in the house! ;) I cut it out in random patterns and glued it on with a glue stick. Yes, I realise that I could have probably printed it on the envelope, but I kinda liked it better this way.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm hoping to be back next week with some more party goodies (and an down loadable page of the honeycomb!)

Flying away now! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Watercolour Paint

Just before the last school holidays, I put in an order for some very cool things from an online store that is based just a suburb over from where I live. In that order was some pretty new watercolour paints. I was itching to break them out and have a play, so while doing a little design work for the latest of birthday parties to come our way, I found the perfect way to utilise them.

Just two little bee  pencil sketches that I filled in with my new Seedling watercolours, and then traced the outline of with a black felt tip pen. I love them.

Happy, friendly little fellas, they are.

My humble apologies for the dodgy photographs - it was quite dark when I took the photos.

Have you played with watercolours lately? It really was fun. I'm so sold on it that I'm going to have to break out other paint forms soon I believe!

Don't fly away now, I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I used them for! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A bit of this and that lately...

My Mum, post-op after she had surgery for a hole torn in her macular (the back of her eye).

 This was her first outing post-op. We took her to Bobbin Head to get her out of the house so she didn't get cabin fever and start climbing the walls. It was a challenge - she had to keep her head down pretty much all the time for the first 2-3 weeks post-op so the gas they had put in her eye would put pressure on the tear. Not fun for her. Or her neck and shoulders (which were really sore the first week). She did get to watch some sail boats going by though, and we took a short walk (which was all she was allowed to do) down one of the tracks - and she commented that it was nice to get into the bush where it was quiet.

My baby boy, who decided to tangle with the sprocket and chain on the pedal go cart while his biggest brother was on it (and whom thankfully was back pedaling - not pedaling forward - or it would have taken the end of his finger right off!!!).

Two trips to emergency - one at our local hospital on the day of the aforementioned accident, and the other the following day to Westmead Children's Hospital, where the plastics team cleaned, checked for damage to tendons, removed the destroyed fingernail, and stitched it all back together again. I have to say, I am now a fan of general anesthetics. Holding my baby while he quietly went to sleep for the surgery (while he was watching the surgeon and his assistant blowing bubbles no less - it was pretty funny - looking back on it), not having him yell and cry from the pain, and not having to hold him still are a big plus in my books. To those who worked personally with him, I send you a huge thank you.

Here  is his sock-clad (to keep it clean...ish) fist. If anyone knows of a way to keep a 2 year old still while they take a photo of their hand... let me know! LOL

Today would have been my parents 54th wedding anniversary. Makes me both smile, and just a bit wistful.

And the final one... nursing the rest of the family, as one after they other they fall plagued with some nasty flu bug. One that delivers high temperatures, listlessness while sleeping and vomiting. Yes, there is washing banking up... and it's the "clean" stuff - the general wear clothing that isn't decorated with former meals.

To those wonderful people who signed up to be pattern testers - you really made me smile! And I thank you. I WILL get the pattern to you, right after I pick up things off the floor, do the dishes, put on another load of washing, dole out copious quantities of panadol/neurofen/antibiotics, fall exhausted into bed.

I'll be back soon with some more buzz...

Flying away now!